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why i must leave

“What I see in doing my own thinking is the following: that the animals don’t have any money, & the sun & the wind doesn’t have any money. If money is some kind of invention of humans, & I see that all of ecology on board of our planet is inter-supportive & the Universe itself by the best we know in physics is eternally regenerative, it’s 100 percent efficient, that what goes on in our little planet must be in support of the eternal regeneration of the greater Universe itself. So I said, I see ecology is inter-regenerative, & it could be, that if I understood what human beings are here for on our planet, what we are supposed to be doing in the local Universe – if I were then to undertake, to support & make that a success, to make the human beings a success themselves, to get rid of the “it has to be you or me earning a living” idea, to get that out of the way, if I could commit myself to that effectively, it might be that nature would support me just the way she has the hummingbird supporting this other little nest & so forth. So, it needs then a commitment to doing a big task on a working assumption of absolute faith in the integrity of the Universe itself. There is a greater intelligence operating in the Universe then that of human beings. And, if you can commit yourself to faith in that, you may find that you can get on.”


“We have labeled and separated the moose and the wolf, and in so doing we have lost sight of their essential unity. We also have misunderstood ourselves, for the biggest separation we have imposed on the world is between ourselves and nature.” — Paul Rezendes, Tracking and the Art of Seeing

There is an unmistakeable respect for life, for the land that fostered that life, that blood, in community supported and sustainable farming.  It incites a sort of straight line to death from life. Avoiding unintentional loss of life… as we raise and kill mostly for nourishment and self-sustainability. Hunting will always be the most thoughtful way, but i don’t intend to spend any time soon gaining that skill or reviving that nature. Farm to table in essence, keeps the count low, there are no frivolous acts of violence. Yet it is a matter of simple manipulation of nature that assists us for the same cause. Our sheep dog Giuseppe was bred, raised and bought to guard our livestock from potential predators, and only expected to kill as an ultimate last resort. The common offense of pulling out a gun, knife, rifle or bow to wipe out a, more often than not insignificant, nuisance in the middle of the night. As it is just living out it’s nature, it’s inner process of survival. How this farm pervades and elevates all of that by simply accepting and  integrating the purest form of living and dying that leads to the only real way of knowing the land and life around you.



how to die on a farm




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